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Mechanical engineering office and CAD specialist in special machine engineering

Whether designing mechanical equipment for demanding operating conditions, consulting on investment projects, training CAD designers or engineering assistance: R-Kon flexibly supplements your capacities as an external technical office and specialist for 3D CAD.

Cooperation with the owners of production machinery and equipment:

An existing machine in your plant no longer fits your needs exactly or you want to redesign and improve something about it? Parts wear out too quickly or fail too often? R‑Kon determines the technical requirements, designs parts and assemblies to fit the existing interfaces, completes missing drawings after taking measurements of existing parts and plans the reconstruction of your production plant for you. The design data is completely available to you for your own use after processing an order.

In particular, if existing devices or machines do not function reliably enough, R‑Kon can help you with damage analysis or troubleshooting and develop improvement measures or new designs. When developing designs for demanding operating conditions, R‑Kon's extensive experience with rolling mill technology and forging technology and the special operating conditions in forging plants can help.

If you need equipment or machines specifically designed to your requirements, R‑Kon can develop and design them in close consultation with you. If necessary, R‑Kon can also relieve you of the project management and take over the tendering and coordination of the manufacturing up to the finished product.

You would like to invest in new machines or the modification of existing machines, but lack the personnel capacity to handle the planning and the extensive exchange of information with possible suppliers? R‑Kon takes over the technical project management for you and provides independent advice on the design and configuration of industrial machines or components for your production plant. R‑Kon helps you to determine the technical requirements as well as to obtain and check offers in order to find the best solution for your project and to keep your time expenditure small.

In many plants, it is not worthwhile to maintain a fully equipped and staffed technical office on a permanent basis. However, you do not have to do without the services of a technical office: At R‑Kon, you can simply and flexibly buy them in as needed, for example:

  • Technical consulting
  • Design of technical equipment
  • Technical project assistance
  • Design of machines and machine modifications
  • Damage analysis
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Cooperation with design departments and product developers:

You would like to carry out development projects, but have too little capacity for it besides your daily business? R‑Kon drafts, calculates and designs new solutions for you! From the concept development from scratch to the manufacturing and assembly drawing, R‑Kon can handle development projects independently. R‑Kon can also provide you with FEA calculations for optimizing parts or assemblies and test plans for testing experimental designs prior to productive use.

Do you have more orders than design capacity and need engineering backup? R‑Kon will take overload off your hands, process assemblies and drawings according to your specifications. Due to many years of experience at a renowned special machine manufacturer, R‑Kon can optimally fit into your processes as a contractor.
If you want to optimize your existing designs economically, R‑Kon can help you with profound knowledge in manufacturing technology and FEA simulations to find and use potentials for improvements. There may also be potential through consolidation and modularization of variants and sizes.
In addition, R‑Kon can help determine the cause in damage cases, as well as provide a neutral external evaluation for the resulting improvement measures, for example in the context of an FMEA.

Your design department spends a lot of time modifying existing models and drawings of components, assemblies or machines because sizes or equipment variants have changed? Within the scope of CAD consulting, R‑Kon analyzes the possibilities for automating your models and develops and communicates concepts that relieve the design engineers of repetitive laborious tasks. Thus, the computer can take over a large part of the bulk work and design engineers have more time to develop and realize ideas.

Do you need new or deeper knowledge in using Autodesk Inventor? R‑Kon can teach you how to use Inventor efficiently, strategically build models with foresight, and automate in Inventor with iLogic and the Inventor API in customized CAD training courses.

In many companies, staffing levels are low, day-to-day business takes up all available capacity, and in some phases even important work is left undone. However, permanent staffing is often not advisable for a variety of reasons. If you want to make sure that nothing important is left undone, R‑Kon is your flexible additional capacity for:

  • Outsourcing of development projects or engineering work
  • Design engineering of machines and assemblies
  • Analysis, evaluation and optimization of engineering designs
  • Technical consulting and evaluation of engineering designs
  • Damage analysis
  • CAD consulting
  • CAD training
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Cooperation with manufacturing companies and distributors

Do you usually manufacture machines or parts according to your customers' specifications, but are repeatedly asked for design services as an extension of your order scope? If your customers do not yet have complete manufacturing documents or if development work is still required for a project, R‑Kon can fill this gap, create and detail designs in cooperation with you and your customers or improve something on the basis of existing documents. In this way, your customers' wishes quickly become models and drawings from which you can manufacture.

You are selling machines or accessories and want to offer your customers customized solutions? With R-Kon you can, even if it doesn't happen regularly enough to employ your own development department.

Customers often want solutions "from a single source". You can expand your order scope as a manufacturing company by working with R‑Kon, for example, to include:

  • Design of machines and assemblies as a addition to the manufacturing process
  • Analysis, evaluation and optimization of designs
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