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Mechanical engineering design and development

Development of customized technical equipment, machines and assemblies and engineering support for your company

Dimensioning and technical calculations

The design and calculation of the components and parts involved are among the most important aspects in the development of machines and devices. The service life, probability and frequency of failure of stressed parts depend to a large extent on how the expected load is estimated. Here it is important to find an individual balance between procurement costs and durability in order to achieve optimum economic efficiency. R‑Kon offers the dimensioning of manufactured, standard and purchased parts in accordance with your requirements, the specifications of suppliers and the relevant rules of technology.

technical calculations

New development, concept creation and drafts

Where there is a desire to fulfill a specific function, but no specific solution has yet been worked out, this is the core of engineering works: The development and elaboration of concepts and their confirmation by first technical calculations. R‑Kon carries out the preparation of requirement profiles and the elaboration and evaluation of possible solutions as a basis for the design to be created. In close coordination with you, drafts are created on the basis of which the required devices or machines are then designed. Subsequently, R‑Kon accompanies the tendering, production, assembly, testing and further development as required.

In addition, R‑Kon offers the standardization of design variants and the development of modular systems in order to be able to implement customer requests and adaptations quickly and efficiently and to avoid uncontrolled growth of design data.

concept creation

3D CAD design

With Autodesk Inventor or ptc Creo, R‑Kon creates even complex models quickly and efficiently. A core competence is the creation of easily reusable models that can be adapted with little effort, especially by means of top-down assemblies or skeleton modeling. As required, R‑Kon undertakes the creation of new models, adaptation of existing design data or reconstruction of models from existing parts and the creation of drawings suitable for production and assembly.

3D CAD design

Technical equipdent design

For the handling of workpieces, tools or for the changeover of machines during production, special and individual devices are often required in order to be able to carry out work in production or maintenance safely and quickly. The development of well-designed equipment is therefore of great importance for efficiency and safety in production. If you cannot do the design of the devices in-house, R‑Kon will work with you to develop the optimal device for your application. You receive complete design data for manufacturing the equipment. If desired, R‑Kon will supervise the manufacturing at external suppliers up to the handover of the finished equipment.

Tool change device

FEA calculations

The calculation of loads is a classic engineering task in mechanical engineering. FEA calculations significantly expand the possibilities for this, and more comprehensive findings can be obtained in a shorter time. For this reason, R‑Kon regularly carries out FEM analyses during the design process. The FEA results make it possible to design components more specifically to meet the load, and thus usually to achieve a higher load capacity or lower manufacturing costs. In feasibility studies and concept development, the FEA can also help to quickly find the most suitable design approach.

FEA simulation result

Design of experiments, testing

In the case of experimental designs, it can be useful to confirm the theoretical calculations with tests. For this purpose, R‑Kon takes over the planning of tests and the monitoring of the testing of prototypes. The test results are documented in a comprehensible manner and can be incorporated into the further development of the design.

testing equipment

With all services offered, you benefit from R-Kon's high efficiency and excellent price-performance ratio.

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