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Project history of R‑Kon

- 2022 -
  • Reverse-engineering of an adjustable motor support device for an existing hot shear
  • Design of a hydraulically clamped cutting gap adjustment device for an existing hot shear
  • Creation of a script for the automated creation of Inventor assemblies from a customer"s configurator data
  • Seminar "iLogic and Inventor API" set up, adapted as in-house training to customers and carried out
- 2021 -
  • Redesign of the length stop alignment cylinder of a hot shear
  • Reverse-engineering and design improvement of the slide adjustment of a forging press
  • Conception of content for CAD training courses in Inventor
  • Creation of a lecture script for a digital "machine elements" lecture
  • Reverse engineering of a clutch housing
- 2020 -
  • Project support for the manufacture and assembly of the exchange arm for press dies started in the previous year
  • FEM simulation and conventional calculation of an adjustable support for a working platform
- 2019 -
  • FMEA on the mechanical influences and effects in a hydraulic system for crane booms.
  • Design of an interchangeable arm with locking and turning function for safe handling of press tools of a die press during tool changing
  • Evaluation of design measures for troubleshooting after damage to spur gear units within the scope of an FMEA
  • Consulting and project support for the renewal of the hydraulics of a cold rolling stand: preparation of specifications, information management, coordination of suppliers, analysis and evaluation of offers, support of the customer in concept development and supplier selection
  • Detailing of the previously developed device for securing exhaust hoods for induction melting furnaces until it was ready for production
- 2018 -
  • Development of a concept for a mechanical device to automatically secure exhaust hoods for induction melting furnaces against unintentional closing.
  • Concept development for a quotation for the construction of a ring calibrating machine (rings up to 10 t, 3200 mm OD and 500 mm height)
  • Reverse engineering and drawing preparation of a special piston
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